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My name is Frankie Widdows, I’m a Master Lash Artist, International Trainer, Lash Judge, Guest speaker, shop owner and working Lash Technician. I am the creator of LTT, an idea that was presented to me by one of my original followers on YouTube – to set up a platform where people learn my techniques, and all things lashes.

I wasn’t always in the beauty industry; in fact my previous career couldn’t be any more different to what I do. I served for 10 years in the Police, working as a response officer and dog handler, before making the decision to leave and follow my true passion for creativity and beauty.

I entered into this industry providing a range of treatments to women and, over time, realized that I have a passion for eyelash extensions. However, I wasn’t very good, in fact I was terrible and, as a result, my clients never came back! My initial eyelash extension training was of poor quality and there was no on-going support, and nobody out there who was willing to help me. My confidence was knocked time and time again by clients who left unhappily, because I did not know what I was doing, and I was unknowingly causing damage to their lashes. I was spending so much money on advertising, and none of it worked. I had only a few clients, and those that did come for lashes never returned. I soon realised that the little money I was earning was not enough to live on, and my decision to leave the Police to pursue my dream seemed to have been a major mistake.

 However, one day I met one of the UKs leading Internet Marketing Coaches, and we got talking about my past career and my new failing one. I listened to his story and he told me about his financial success since he was made redundant from his previous job (he’s now worth £10+ million pounds). He explained how he now offers seminars and business courses, where he teaches people the secrets he used to become successful. I went away and carefully decided to invest some of my dwindling savings into one of his 3-day courses, which he assured me would help build my business. This is something that I needed, as I had no business skills whatsoever, and no idea how to sell myself and attract clients – and my previous attempts had all failed.

At the same time I treated myself to a set of lash extensions and was amazed at how uniformed they looked, compared to my messy sets of lashes. I remember studying them in the mirror and trying to figure out how I could get my lashes like that – so I set to work on my mother, who was a willing volunteer.

I figured that if I controlled the direction of the extensions, then they would surely look straighter, rather than swiping them on top of the natural lash – as I had been taught. I tried really hard, and was pleasantly surprised with how much better my set looked, and it was from then that I started to teach myself, rather than just follow what I had been taught. However, back then other eyelash extensions technicians were still not willing to share information or help, so I was very much alone in my development. There was only one online group that allowed Lash Techs to showcase their work, and I would read all the posts and offer my own advice. I started to open my mind as to what I could do to make my sets look better, and share with other techs what I had done. Then, one day, I was asked if I could make a YouTube video to demonstrate a technique, so I had a go and the response was amazing. So I started making more, and the more I uploaded, the more people started to follow me.

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